Monday, June 23, 2008

DRTV Media Buying 101

First of all, remember this: your media buyer must be a bulldog! Now, the direct response television marketplace is pretty complicated and requires some tough negotiation, media buying power, and lots of nationwide and syndicated media placement experience.

Let's start with short form media buying basics. Like broadcast media, nationwide cable media is sold to general advertisers for branding purposes on a CPM or ratings basis. We buy DRTV media strictly based on response and cost per order or cost per acquistion, if you will. The lower the rate, the lower the CPO! The stations want the highest rate they can get for their unsold, remnant, preemtible media and airtime. Thus, your media buyer must be a bulldog!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Back in the day, it was easier to succeed with Direct Response television. Nationwide cable media costs were much lower, general advertisers did not use Direct Response TV as a branding medium, and there was much less competition for direct sales to the consumer on television. Now, AS SEEN ON TV SUCCESS requires a compelling media strategy, a bull dog of a media buyer, and infomercial television production that captures the audience’s attention.

But one thing that will never change is that DRTV and infomercials work based on the concept of a pre determined cost per acquisition. It is the concept of an advertising allowable or media cost per order. Great media buyers buy nationwide airtime to a media cost allowable, and know if an offer is working from the first direct response media tests. Customer acquisition costs and great DRTV media buying go hand in hand.