Monday, July 28, 2008

Internet TV Preroll Ads Lower Cost Per Order

Remember, direct response consumer selling equals low cost per order. Smart marketers are looking for new ways to drive sales and lower cost per acquisition. Internet video ads or pre roll ads of 10 to 20 seconds increase viewer response and involvement. Demand and supply for this new direct response interactive media is exploding because click through rates score five time as high as banners.

Mobile devices and podcasts are changing human behavior once again, and we are receiving content through our telephones as well as laptops and broadcast television sets. New opportunities have opened to reach younger, more targeted direct response buyers using all of the sophisticated targeting that keywords and modern ad serving techniques provide. Stay tuned to this blog to learn more about: podcasting, Internet TV, preroll, midroll and other Internet video formats. The Internet has the power and reach to lower customer acquisition rates and effectively find new groups of direct response and infomercial buyers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Infomercial Media Funding

After 16 years working with entrepreneurs, startups and inventors, we have learned the challenge of funding an infomercial or direct response TV campaign. And there's good news! Since DRTV is a direct to consumer selling science, small media tests of as little as $5,0000 to $7,500 can interest large investments in a media funding roll out.

InfoWorx finds media funding partners for our clients. In order to qualify for media funding, a marketer must have a merchant account through a large direct processor. Recently, we helped a client gain an approved merchant account in less then a week, so there's always a benefit to leverage InfoWorx' vast network of colleagues and strategic partnerships.

Media funding partners will not ask for personal guarantees, but their contract will require their loans to be paid through the flow of revenue into the merchant account. An expert consultant can help navaigate the complex landscape of direct response marketing. And even find media funding as high as $50,000 to $100,000 per week. Media funders can be persuaded to work with multi pay offers and even free trial offers if the test data supports a roll out.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Help! My Infomercial Is Not Working!

I hope some of you keep returning for these infomercial blogs because I will continue to reveal the secrets to infomercial profits. I'm often asked about the infomercial rate of success. The answer to this simple question is easy. Direct marketing is a science. You test, gather data and test again. Infomercial success therefore depends on patience, determination and infomercial and DRTV marketing research.

At InfoWorx, we conduct pre-production research to test messaging, DRTV offers, and infomercial strategies. After an initial affordable media test, we listen to telemarketing call flow, non buyer disposition reports, and media performance by time slot, network, and region. Then we revise as necessary and test again. That's the science of DRTV.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Media Buyer Better be Smart

Well if short form DRTV media is bought on a preemtible, standby basis....what about long format infomercial media and airtime? Now this is where it gets confusing. And if your direct response television marketing campaign will succeed...your media buyer Will be connected to most cable networks, many broadcast stations, and all of the brokers holding long form infomercial media time. I told you it was confusing.

Each month most cable networks dispatch paid programming packages to their best customers...and they keep some of it, too! Some of the media goes to the same brokers month after month and year after year. Top slots, top shows...and for those time slots you pay top money. The skill comes with knowing value, knowing your product's audience, and knowing the best times to run at the least cost per acquisition.

Make sure your media buyer is smart.