Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Media Buyer Better be Smart

Well if short form DRTV media is bought on a preemtible, standby basis....what about long format infomercial media and airtime? Now this is where it gets confusing. And if your direct response television marketing campaign will succeed...your media buyer Will be connected to most cable networks, many broadcast stations, and all of the brokers holding long form infomercial media time. I told you it was confusing.

Each month most cable networks dispatch paid programming packages to their best customers...and they keep some of it, too! Some of the media goes to the same brokers month after month and year after year. Top slots, top shows...and for those time slots you pay top money. The skill comes with knowing value, knowing your product's audience, and knowing the best times to run at the least cost per acquisition.

Make sure your media buyer is smart.

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