Friday, August 15, 2008

Direct Response Online Video or DROV

As streaming technologies improve, and broadband distribution grows, direct response online video or DROV becomes an increasing opportunity for savvy marketers to find new customers. Of course, as always, it comes down to cost per acquisition or cost per order, so it is essential to pay direct response rates that are well below branding rates. Often, pre-roll CPMs are too high to support a direct response online video campaign, just as general broadcast TV rates are too high to bring in your orders within a reasonable allowable.

When considering a DROV campaign make sure you work with an experienced direct response media buyer who understands the metrics of DR. Remember, impressions may help your overall branding campaign, but direct response is measured in cost per order.

On the creative side, DROV is not DRTV! Internet viewers, shoppers and browsers have short attention spans. A drive to your web site is the goal here, so creative strategy may be different than a TV infomercial campaign.

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