Saturday, October 4, 2008

Google TV Ads Power Direct Response TV

Google has changed our world in many ways. Most of us now have Google tools on our desktop and many powerful Google enhancements to our everyday cyber lives. In the spring of 2008, Google changed television advertising distribution and revolutionized DRTV media buying. Through their affiliation with DISH network, Google now provides an auction platform for cable network media in 14 million satellite households. What's more, for the first time in direct response history, advertisers have "overnights" that report total viewers, how long they watched, and in what program your short form infomercial or direct response TV ad ran. Google TV has already begun adding local markets to their inventory and recently cut a deal with NBC/Universal for even more inventory.

The impact of this new technology on entrepreneurial and established marketers is enormous. Now an experienced media buyer, direct response company, or turnkey infomercial / infomarketing company can shorten the testing process, substantially lower the cost of media tests, and make adjustments to a campaign on a daily basis.

The entrepreneur or infomercial product developer now has an opportunity to test more offers for less money in a shorter amount of time then ever before. At, my company, InfoWorx, we have embraced this new technology and utilize the latest research to target the client's most profitable customer, reach more viewers for less dollars, and use all of the new metrics to analyse response and make more money for our clients.

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