Thursday, November 6, 2008

Direct Response TV Viewers Also Online

Media fragmentation is a controversial issue these days with so many offline and online alternatives for limited media budgets. Well there's good news! The heaviest TV viewers are also the heaviest online viewers, according to Nielsen Research. In fact Nielsen's TV/Internet Convergence Panel found that television viewing and online streaming are complimentary activities. You need not worry that your direct response TV audience is not watching. In fact, the study also find that the lowest consumers of television have the lowest usage levels of the Internet.

-- Your direct response lead generating offers can drive online viewers directly to your website.

-- More than 80% of people who watched TV and used the Internet had simultaneous sessions during the month.

-- While teens dominate streaming video online, 55% of men 35-54 also stream online and watch TV at the same time.

There is much discussion, concern and angst among marketers trying to understand behavioral changes among the audience. Certainly, TV viewers continue to provide a rich audience and conventional television the most compelling media delivery method.

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