Sunday, November 9, 2008

DRTV Media Buying Made Easy

Broadcast spending is down despite the election and the Olympics. Recessions, slow downs and fewer advertisers is often a good omen for DRTV marketers and their Direct Response Agencies. Why? Direct response television media buying rates are usually the lowest in the market. After all, you must make your irresistible offer or lead generating short form infomercials pay out according to your allowable cost per order. Check through this blog for more information on these important metrics and concepts for As Seen On TV Success.

Between January and August of this year television media buys fell 1.3% and removing political spends -- the decline is 1.6%. If you back out the television media costs surrounding the Olympic games....there is a year to year loss of $89.4 billion, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

For Direct Response TV, this means that there is more cheap television inventory....and this makes DRTV media buying easy for smart, savvy media buyers.

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