Friday, November 28, 2008

Online Video Ads Reach a Large Audience

As online video grows, and it’s audience grows, more data is available as to who and how often they are watching. Remember infomercials and direct response television are all about the metrics. Cost per order, cost per lead, cost per acquisition. As we at InfoWorx drill down into the vast new opportunities for infomercial products, we are finding many online video ad networks who are willing to work on a cost per acquisition model. Sometimes however, working at an auction based level with a low CPM can be even more effective then direct response rates found on mainstream TV.

Here are the top 10 Online Media Destinations (week ending Oct 19, 2008)

NBC Universal 7,1655.08
Clear Channel Online Network 5,2473.72
MSN TV 5,1833.67
AOL Television 4,2993.05
PBS 4,0772.89
Yahoo! TV 3,8102.70
ABC.COM 3,5022.48
DirecTV 2,8622.03 2,1421.52
CBS Television 2,0801.47
Source: Nielsen Online, NetView

As new data comes in, check this blog frequently. In order to reach 21st century customers, you need a scientific approach that targets your best customers with the lowest cost per order. Online video now offers a new and exciting method to drive your brand straight to your web site with an irresistible offer.

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