Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long Form Infomercial Media Update

So you’re probably thinking that since the financial meltdown of 2008, long form infomercial media costs have crashed. Well in some cases this is true. But remember, this marketplace works by the basic economic law of supply and demand. And direct response is hot in 2009! Moreover, long form infomercials that are driving retail still need the high profile airtime that is only available on major cable networks. So are rates for long form thirty minute infomercials down or not? The answer is yes, but as we have written in this blog repeatedly – your media buyer better be smart – and tough! And the marketer must hold their ground when negotiating rates.

Don’t be afraid to use the old fashioned take away! That’s what we do when stations and networks refuse our bids. We walk and keep looking for value in media. What we are seeing is a lot of local broadcast airtime opening up to long form media buyers. It’s cheaper for a broadcaster to sell half hours then buy programming and try to sell spots. You can find half hours in smaller markets for $50 and $75 bucks or just a few hundred in the most desirable weekend slots. That means just a few orders can make these offers pay out. Make sure you have worked out the metrics, know your allowable cost per order and stick to it. If an airing does not pay out, demand a make good from the station or tell them you will not keep airing.

The TV infomercial, and what we mean when we say, infomercial, is a half hour long form show….is still the easiest area of direct response for the entrepreneur to launch a product nationwide. Not only can you tell your full story, but your media buys can be truly tailored to a start up budget. The cost of producing an award winning TV infomercial is a fraction of the ROI this form of marketing returns. In addition, you will be able to pull two minute and one minute short form direct response television versions and have lots of video content for your online strategies.

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