Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Direct Response TV Inventory Tight

A tightening remnant Direct Response TV market is leaving many infomercial marketers desperate for media, as traditional advertisers snap up the preemptible air time that supplies DR. "This is probably the tightest time I can remember in my history with direct response," said Scott Boilen, to reporters at AdAge. Boilen's company, All Star Marketing is the company behind the Snuggie. "We were the industry that took what's left," he added. "And there's not a lot left right now."

The lack of remnant airtime is a result of large corporate marketers adding to their quarterly buys, along with networks having to offer remnant ad space as "make-goods" to make up for ratings shortfalls over the past years.

The networks are not at all displeased to see DRTV advertisers getting knocked out of some of the media they've enjoyed during this recession, because they typically pay lower prices than the high flyers. "In the malaise that was out there in the first six months of the year ... you saw a lot of direct response popping up in network prime time," said one media-buying executive. "Well, not right now."

We have been recommending shorter DRTV commercials and infomercials for months, and apparently that trend is catching on. With fewer avails at two minute commercials, Snuggie, which had launched last year behind mostly 120-second spots, has down-shifted to 10-, 15- and 30-second commercials, Mr. Boilen said, noting that other DRTV advertisers are also moving to shorter forms.

"All the consumer-products companies and other big advertisers have renegotiated their rates, so they're able to buy more time, and things are back to where they were [before the recession] or even worse for us, because people are advertising more at the lower rates to try to make up for lost sales," said A.J. Khubani, CEO of TeleBrands, marketer of such products as PedEgg and JupiterJack to AdAge.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

TV Media -- 21st Century Style

I've often said that television is the most powerful communication tool in history. I said it in the 90's when the Internet began, and I say it again today as the Internet continues it's incredible evolution. But direct marketers and advertisers need to evolve,too. And the Internet provides opportunities for direct response television(DRTV)and infomercial advertisers like never before.

In the 21st century, you can brand and drive prospects to your web site that converts them to customers. No need anymore for a call center, no need anymore for long form advertising on TV. Try it, you will see. Use 30 second and 60 second short form TV advertising to drive your prospects to your website where they can view a longer demonstration, get a free gift or newsletter for logging in, or convert that skeptical prospect into a profitable customer with outstanding lifetime value.

Today's consumer wants information, credibility and value. Your TV advertising campaign drives traffic to your web presence, just like brick and mortar uses the short 30 second television format to drive traffic into their stores. More than ever, prospects are bombarded by many messages and much competition in all fields. Therefore, repetition and consistency matter more than ever in your television campaign.You can run 4 thirty second spots for every two minute commercial. That's four times the gross impressions and very likely -- multiple impressions for much of your highly targeted audience.