Saturday, May 29, 2010

Infomercial Cost-Cost of Infomercial Media

Infomercial costs can be confusing. First of all, nowadays, the word infomercial refers to all direct response television and radio advertising. The cost of infomercial production can vary widely, and you must make a distinction between short form TV infomercials and long form TV infomercials. For pricing click here.

Infomercial media costs can also be complicated. Short form infomercial airtime is sold on a remnant or pre-emtible basis and the rates change week to week and quarter to quarter. Even with the recession short form rates have gone up because large corporate advertisers are demanding more airtime for their dollars.

Long form infomercial media costs are highly negotiable. The cable networks by and large release long form TV avails month to month. Most local broadcast stations work through rep firms and there is a lot of airtime presently available.

Remember, you need a smart media buyer who knows the ropes and how to squeeze the most out of a budget.

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