Monday, March 28, 2011

Media Buyers TV Report

Here is your short form DRTV, Spring, 2011 update. As many of you know, in the second quarter TV media rates often rise. And 2011 is no exception. The year started out stronger than most expected, and by late January any media buying service working with national cable networks like CNBC or Bravo found DRTV clearance getting difficult. For those of you who are new to this blog, all Direct Response TV Media is pre-emptible by higher rates.

TV media rates often increase in the second quarter and this year we have had some major consolidation in the market as the merger of Comcast and NBC Universal takes hold. Comcast, while best known as the largest cable provider in the USA, has been acquiring cable networks with content for several years. E!, Style, Golf, G4, Versus, and Sprout have all been under the Comcast brand for several years, and now those networks all come under the NBC Universal umbrella.

Car sales are up, stores like Saks who were on the brink of extinction are back, and everybody is advertising. Rates will continue to push up through April and much of May….until we reach the summer season, which always brings some relief to short form TV media rates and is the perfect time to test new offers.

Small networks with limited national distribution still offer the best opportunities for direct response television marketing. There are over 100 cable networks, giving viewers many choices to surf their TV…looking for just the right programming. Remember our advice – your media buyer better be smart.


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