Saturday, June 18, 2011

Direct Response Radio Remnant Media Tips

Direct Response Radio – this advertising medium is growing again because of the use of mobile telephones and hands free driving. Remnant radio media. There’s lots of it. There are 4781 AM radio stations in the USA and 6224 FM stations in our great country. That’s a lot of ad space to fill! And radio listening can produce telephone calls which convert at much higher rates than web hits. So get your radio offers ready!

Here are 5 tips to produce compelling and telephone ringing Direct Response Radio offers.

1. Do not write a “rip and read” commercial. Consumers have learned to tune out “noise” and cramming 70 seconds of copy into 60 seconds is “noise.”

2. Test several radio direct response offers. Direct Marketing is a science. Direct Response Radio offers marketers an inexpensive testing platform for various risk free offers.

3. Repeat the telephone number 4 times! Make sure that a customer driving a car can key in the toll free number during the spot.

4. Know your audience. Smart marketers know how to catch their best customers by targeting the offer and product to the radio format and demographics. Your product may have use for everyone 8 to 80, but there is always a skew toward men or women, young or old, or in between.

5.Direct response radio rates vary widely according to market and supply and demand. Do not pay high rates! Air your offers only on stations with low CPM’s and always ask for bonus spots. Or make sure you have a bulldog for a media buyer!

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