Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Direct Response Radio Rates – DR Radio Basics

Learn all about Direct Response Radio Rates – right here! Since 1992, I have been active in the Direct Response Industry, primarily in TV. But back in the late 1970’s and 1980’s, I cut my teeth buying local spot radio across many stations and many formats. You could say – I’ve been around the block a few times. In the last several years DR Radio has grown steadily with the explosion of cell phone use. Oh my God….Just take a look around you, no one is watching the road when they drive – they are all talking, texting and searching on their mobile devices!

DR Radio or Direct Response Radio offers marketers another channel to reach customers. And radio reach is expanding with numbers starting to come in for streaming listeners who are getting radio from their computers and mobile devices. The world of media is changing and you better keep up with it.

So how does a marketer make radio work? Like DRTV, if you pay too much or your CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is too high, your offer will not pay out. A seasoned Radio Media Buyer should have a robust history of stations that can offer low remnant rates and have worked for other offers. For example, we are negotiating with several CBS owned stations in large markets. Some laugh at our offers while others have open inventory and are happy a busy DR Agency has called with advertising dollars to spend.

Some examples of some sweet local deals recently:

- Sports station playing Dodger games at $10 per 60 second spot…plus bonus spots!

- Talk station in Philly with national personality at $25 per 60 second spot.

- Classic hits station in Atlanta with huge reach at $25 per 60 second spot.

- News/talk station in top 10 DMA at $6 per spot.

- We only buy Radio Prime time – Monday-Friday 7A-7P.

- No overnights or evenings which are dead times in radio.

Remnant Radio is also available on a National basis through nationally distributed networks that carry conservative talk like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham and music shows that appeal to different demographics like John Tesh. Buying these shows at remnant rates which can be as much as 75% lower than rate card is the way to make national radio pay off. Check back here frequently for the latest information on DRTV and DR Radio.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Infomercial Production - Long Form TV Productions

Infomercial Producer, Ron Perlstein produces affordable, award winning, telephone ringing long form infomercials, short form infomercials and offers 19 years experience in the complex world of Direct Response TV or DRTV. We believe that Direct Response Television success depends on much more than producing an infomercial: it’s all about securing the largest market share in the shortest amount of time, putting the least amount of money at risk…thus the evolution from infomercial production to infomarketing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

DRTV Response Rates

Looking for info on DRTV Response Rates? Well, you've found straight talkers and the right place to look -- right here at the DRTV Media Blog. So guys what are you looking for - exactly? I urge you to subscribe, follow, like, etc because this blog is for you to learn the latest trends in Direct Response TV, timely updates regarding DRTV Media costs (including how to find $50 DRTV Spots) and short form and long form Direct Response Infomercial costs.

DRTV Response Rates: (The cost of short form TV advertising) Media rates across the cable network landscape are holding up and rising as large brand advertisiers have not cut back, even in slow growth 2011.  In fact, political advocacy TV advertising is on the rise, in a non national election year. Nonetheless, there are many soft spots to discover opportunites where cable networks or cable aggregaters are holding lots of unsold inventory. Your media buyer needs to be connected, smart, tough and have your allowable cost per order in mind when placing your broadcast orders. DRTV media costs must be low in order to achieve a profitable cost per order. Stay tuned here and learn how to buy 60 second national DRTV spots at $5 per spot. Up to 8 million households, prominent national networks - and these are NOT overnights - $5 DRTV Spots!

Last week we had a new client call us and ask for media rates and a test campaign while comparing us to another "marketing company." Folks - beware of any company that does not give you the rate for each spot and just gives you impressions or general information. We have seen this lately with fly by night firms offering thousands of spots as part of a "media blitz" and millions of impressions as part of the package deal for the TV Production. Professional DRTV Media Buyers and Direct Response TV Agencies show the rates and those rates are supported by invoices and affadavits from the stations with the exact same rate. We researched the so called media blitz and were able to determine that the client was paying a CPM over $28, which is more than Amercican Idol or Dancing With The Stars cost on a CPM basis. DRTV rates need to be very low to pay out.  We created a plan for that client with a CPM of $0.52 and national coverage using our vast media relationships.

Make no mistake. DRTV, Direct Response TV, and TV Infomercials are a specialty that takes experience, savvy and a hard nosed approach to media negotiations. Direct Resonse TV rates change week to week and the market changes week to week based on supply and demand and most of all performance.  Check back often if you want to learn how to lower your cost per order.