Saturday, October 29, 2011

Infomercial Airtime Cost

Thanks for visiting the DRTV Media blog for the latest updates on infomercial airtime costs. Everyday our telephones ring with marketers looking for straight talk and information on TV and Radio airtime. We've been helping entrepreneurs, large corporate clients and product developers for almost 20 years now.

So let's talk Direct Response TV and DR Radio.

Short Form TV or DRTV:
Each year it's the same story.  Rates go down in the first quarter, and it's easy to clear. There are many opportunies with TV viewing at it's highest levels of the year (think weather).  Then rates begin inching up. Second quarter rates always jump because of the push for Spring and Summer activites.  Now I know you think the economy is bad - but you can't sell anything unless you advertise.  Check the financial news - the media conglomerates are all making money!

Long Form TV Infomercials:
A lot of marketers think this format is old school - but not the smart ones! And many companies with great products well suited for long form TV, want to test with short form to see if the investment is warranted. Not the smartest strategy either. I suggest you flip through the channels late at night or on Saturday and Sunday morning.  You will see that the format is alive, that many great products are being introduced, explained, pitched and sold. So what's happening to rates?  Long Form TV Infomercial Rates are flat! There are many opportunites here, and with a smart bulldog of a media buyer, you can make money with your product.  Remember - the more you tell, the more you sell!

Short Form Direct Response Radio:
This format works great with soft offers, dietary supplements, and lead generation. With good inbound telemarketing you can convert soft offer leads into $400 sales!  We know, because we're doing it! They key to DR Radio is finding remnant time at depressed rates.  It takes a lot of work, but it pays off for the client. For example, if a station sells "retail" time at $150 a minute - we expect to pay $25-$40 per spot. If a national radio network is selling their programming at $1000.00 per minute, we expect to pay $200.00!

Long Form Direct Response Radio:
The more you tell, the more you sell!  For nearly 20 years we've been explaining this and the smart clients make money! This is a tricky format to buy because the stations like to work long term deals.  But savvy media buyers know that a product must be tested one or two weeks at a time. We call it Direct Response for a reason.  What do these time slots cost? Anywhere from from $25 to $2500.00 per half hour.  If your product does not demand visual demonstation or could work in a talk show format, give long form radio a try.

Thanks again for visiting, and, as you can see, this blog is a lot more than just DRTV Media. I've been buying, negotiating, planning and researching media for over 30 years, and I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience with everyone interested.

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