Saturday, April 28, 2012

DRTV Media 2012 Rate Update – 2nd Quarter

DRTV Short Form Media Rates - 2nd quarter update. There is a lot of concern regarding the 2012 Presidential Campaign’s effect on DRTV media rates and avails. I can tell you in Florida, during the political window of the Republican Primary, most of the local avails went to political ads and advocacy ads. The good news is that national cable (which is the cornerstone of DRTV) has been effected little, if any. Of course, no one knows what will happen in the fall. I predict that the “battleground” states will have few local avails. DR marketers should not be hurt too much, but the local retail environment and the spot branding buys will certainly be affected.

In the first quarter there was much optimism (like 2011) and rates started to gain upward pressure almost immediately. Second quarter is traditionally a high priced quarter, but we have seen some easing of rates, as perhaps the 2012 optimism was too high again. A savvy, tough media buyer always understands value and looks for bargains. What is happening on one network in terms of demand may be different on another – and it changes week to week. For example, a prominent network geared to African American audiences recently cut their rates significantly, as they have inventory.

We are finding many DRTV remnant opportunities for our clients including nationwide remnant inventory for $5/minute in up to 8 million households. In Direct Response Television media buying the trick is to reach an allowable cost per order that works for your offer. Check here to learn more about this concept. Bottom line, we are exceeding our clients’ expectations and are generating leads for as little as $5 in some cases. Our stated mission has always been, “Your success is our success.” We can lower your cost per lead or order, and we back every media buy with affidavits and timely reporting.

Please subscribe or bookmark us and feel free to share our information. Thanks to all of you who read my blogs and appreciate the straight talk, DRTV information, and assistance you derive for your planning and new projects. I take a lot of pride in my direct approach because as we all know, knowledge is power.

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