Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pay Per Call TV - Per Inquiry TV

Pay per Call TV is often called Per Inquiry or PI because this methodology pre-dates the internet and “pay per click” or “pay for performance.” Marketers using a Pay per Call TV strategy only pay for qualified leads. At our agency, we have been running Pay per Call TV advertising for our clients since 1998, generating millions of leads across many categories like inventor leads, tax resolution leads, foreclosure defense, medical tourism, insurance, legal and others.

There is mounting evidence that Pay per Call is gaining momentum across many channels as marketers slowly come to the realization that a web hit is a long, long way from a conversion. Forbes Magazine recently reported that in the online world of advertising Pay per Call could become even bigger than pay per click as advertisers understand the value of a live call versus a casual click. Pay per Call TV (Per Inquiry TV and Radio) has been around in our world since the advent of the toll free number.

Direct Marketing News recently interviewed me for a DRTV feature they were doing, and I explained that we are using more direct response short form spots and long form infomercials with no URL and a toll free number only. Why you ask – because web hits on their very best day convert at less than 10% and sometimes less than 2%, while telephone calls convert on a bad day at 20%, and we have one offer running all year that converts at 64%.

Pay per Call TV offers advertisers with lead generating offers a format that can mitigate media expense, get your sales force the hot leads they need, and the benefits of TV branding as well. Remember, it’s all about the payout and the length of a call. Some of the legal offers can pay thousands for one qualified lead.

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