Saturday, November 3, 2012

DRTV Media Rates – Remnant Media Buying

DRTV Media Rates, DRTV Response Rates, Pay Per Call Advertising and powerful media buys for tiny little costs. DRTV Media Rates in the post-election aftermath are stable. In fact, during this never ending election cycle, our media buyers have found numerous opportunities to buy remnant TV and remnant radio all over the country. We’ve said it before, and I will say it again – your media buyer must be a bulldog with a robust rolodex and many deep, long standing relationships in the direct response media world. But make no mistake, DRTV media is unsold media that goes to the highest bidder. The skill set necessary relates to the buyer’s sense of value and the unending quest to make money for our clients.

Last week, a lot of publicity came out regarding the cost of a :30 second ad on Sunday Night Football ($545,000.00). It’s actually a good value with a CPM around $25 compared to other top rated shows like The Voice or The Academy Awards at CPM’s hovering around $35 - $37. But DRTV media rates require single digit CPM’s and lower. Where do you find remnant media at $5 CPM and lower? We have several clients buying national airings in 26 million homes at CPM’s under $1! And these are top tiered networks like ESPN, Lifetime, and Fox News.

Remnant media buys require a specialist. And if your offer is a lead generating offer or if you simply crunch your customer acquisition numbers - pay per call TV advertising, per inquiry TV, pay for performance – whatever you want to call it is viable. We are expanding our DR digital reach into Mobile with click to call campaigns, too.

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