Saturday, March 23, 2013

DRTV Response Rate-How to Buy DRTV

Average response rate for DRTV and DRTV Response rate are two of the most searched terms – so let’s talk about it!  And thanks to all of you who read and follow my blogs!  

Direct Mail, the grandfather of all direct marketing, primarily uses a metric called “response rate.” This defines the number of responses to a given mailing in a percentage format. It’s easy to measure. If you send 100,000 pieces and receive 1000 responses you have a 1% response rate. TV is not that easy, however. First of all, the remnant media buys are often on un-rated networks or local cable carriers, and there may not be any ratings info available. Secondly, the distribution varies widely DRTV media buy to DRTV media buy.

How to Buy DRTV? The first metric we look at is the distribution. How many households are in the universe? This will vary station to station, network to network. So there are not a finite number of impressions that we can calculate in many remnant DRTV situations. And make no mistake you want remnant media – not high priced media! For more on remnant media buying techniques go here and here.

Cost per call, cost per lead, cost per order – these are the metrics which are compared to your allowable. Click here for more info on allowable.

DRTV Media Buying tactics change with the times, change with the economy, and change by client profiles and goals. Your DRTV Media Buyer better be a bulldog, have a robust contact list, and have your allowable in mind with each media buy.

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