Saturday, April 6, 2013


DRTV Response Rates, Cable TV Media Rates and Mobile TV Platforms – this your blog of choice.  I want to thank all of you who attended Response Expo 2013. It was huge success, and InfoWorx Direct was very proud to sponsor the Response Expo 2013 Education Sessions. If you did not attend, you missed a panel of Cable TV giants from A&E Networks, Viacom Networks, Turner Networks, and Discovery Networks. That’s 64 cable networks – all explaining the rise of TV viewing, including traditional TV viewing. All of these properties are not standing still, however, and offer various platforms via VOD and Mobile to view their shows. The overall message – Content is King – and a hit show will earn impressions across all platforms. There are many new opportunities available now and coming in the near future for direct response advertisers and marketers.

To those of you feeling that TV is on the decline – not true! Viewership is up but fragmented. While fragmentation may be difficult for corporate brand giants, it may be a blessing for entrepreneurial marketers. You see there are lots of cost effective TV media avails on dozens of smaller cable networks, unrated networks, and multi market cable – at the local level. We have developed a media buying strategy that pays off and generates phone calls, orders and CPM’s under $2.

Response Expo also featured DRTV legend and Telebrands CEO, A.J. Khubani sharing the secrets of his phenomenal success with pitchman extraordinaire, Anthony Sullivan. In other sessions, social media, FTC legal compliance and the new DRMA Hall of Fame members were inducted. Many thanks to Tom Haire and John Yarrington for bringing together the best DR trade show in the biz.  I go to them all, and Response Expo has a certain…hmmm – je ne sais quoi – like no other show!

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