Saturday, August 24, 2013


Pay Per Call TV, Radio and Mobile is the new Pay Per Click. The highest quality lead is a live call from a TV commercial. The second highest quality call is a live call from a Radio commercial. Mobile click to call must be managed carefully so you filter out the spam . So here we go – 7 tips for success with Pay Per Call TV, Radio & Mobile.

1.     Your offer should be Pay Per Call, not per order. Many stations have unsold airtime, but few want to partner with your conversion percentage and call center. If you pay by the call, the stations have a reasonable expectation of generating revenue when they air your ads.

2.      Your Pay Per Call offer should have few, if any, restrictions. State and business hour restrictions dampen response and make stations and networks hesitant to accept your offer.

3.       Shorter call duration = more conversions = more free airtime.

4.      Mobile click to call should have a simple IVR that reduces “butt dialing” and requires longer call durations than classic TV and Radio.

5.     Don’t worry about junk calls. No matter how you buy the media, you will receive wrong numbers, crank calls and some crazy callers. TV and Radio reach all kinds of people including the weirdo’s.

6.     Don’t be cheap with your duplication budget.  Pay Per Call TV and Radio gets your offer on the air almost for free.  All you have to pay for is the duplication and customization of the creative.  Give your agency the freedom to make thetelephone ring for you.

7.     Be honest about your capacity. Every marketer tells us they have unlimited capacity, which we have learned is never true. Once you build an offer and tear it down, it is very difficult to build it back up.

Pay Per Call is known as Per Inquiry throughout the TV and Radio industry. Per Inquiry suggests that a telephone call equals a response and that is what you want. Then, it is your job as a marketer to convert the call into revenue and close the deal. Thanks for visiting this blog and please subscribe to stay in touch with the latest news in Pay Per Call and Remnant TV media buying.

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