Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pay Per Call TV and Radio – TV Lead Cost 2013

Pay Per Call TV and Radio offers the best value in pay for performance advertising. Why you ask! There is nothing better than a TV lead, and a Radio lead is almost as good. Forget pay per click, which worked tremendously 10 years ago. Now the consumer is overwhelmed by choice when searching your key word. Traditional TV and terrestrial Radio generate an exclusive lead. Telephone calls allow for instant person to person interaction when the consumer is ready and almost convinced. Have you ever tried calling back web surfers who fill in a lead form? Pay Per Call Mobile also offers great opportunities depending on the publisher and the filters we use.

Remember, the viewer/listener is flooded with offers, ads, coupons, discounts, promises, etc., etc. So here are three tips to success using the power of short form TV and Radio.

-          Your offer must have mass appeal

o   That means there are millions and millions who need your services

-          Your creative should be great

-          Your payout and definition need to work for the stations

o   TV and Radio stations are looking for connected calls with the shortest duration and the highest payouts. The days of $15 and under leads are gone, unless you are tracking a connected call only, which is the pure definition of “per inquiry.”

o   With a healthy, robust payout a great media buyer can find remnant media and deliver all of the scale you want.
Nowadays, it’s all about scale. For your offer to scale, work with experts, invest in testing various creative to find the “secret sauce,” and stay tuned to the DRTV Media Blog. Thanks.