Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short Form DRTV Media Buyer - Pay Per Spot

Well it is 2014, another New Year, and you better take a close look at the current state of short form DRTV media buying. Ask yourself three questions:

-          Is my Cost Per Lead going up?

-          Are my media buys clearing?

Nowadays, savvy marketers test DRTV Media Agencies as well as new offers. Is your Media Buyer a pit bull? If not, some A/B testing may be in order – of short form media buying agencies that is.

We often blog about Pay Per Call as the new, 21st century pay per click. But good old fashioned, hard-nosed, tough, strict remnant media buying can yield even better results and lower your cost per order. The difference in approaches relies on which entity is taking the risk – marketer or agency?

You see some agencies offer both approaches and some marketers use both approaches. But your media buyer must adhere to your allowable, and find holes in the DRTV Remnant Media inventory available at any given time. This takes skill and, most important, extra time. Is your present media buyer giving your buys lots of time, research, thought and ever improving results?

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