Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pay Per Call Advertising – Best Practices Part 3

Pay Per Call Advertising, Pay Per Call TV, Pay Per Call Radio and good old fashioned Per Inquiry (PI)  is the new buzz in direct marketing. That’s because marketers want live calls with live agents who are trained to close deals. Pay Per Call Advertising is all about higher conversions, lower CPA’s and more revenue or monetization.

In Pay Per Call Advertising – Best Practices Part 1, we focused on an issue that many marketers do not understand as far as call handling. Namely the ability to answer calls 24/7. One of our best clients (who already answers calls 24/7) is now upgrading their in house call center hours to 24/7. This is what we call at the DRTV Media Blog a best practice!

In Pay Per Call Advertising – Best Practices Part 2, we outlined some of the key issues in working up a successful Pay Per Call campaign such as Lead Definition, Lead Cost and Cost Per Acquisition.

Today, let’s talk about Lead Definition in more detail.

Our best offer uses a call duration of 60 seconds, but the payout is higher than many of their competitors. At my agency, we have over 700 participating TV and Radio Media Outlets, and I can tell you that they are all looking for high payouts. Remember, TV Media is limited, your commercial has the same amount of time as any of the mega marketers, and the leads are the highest quality leads you can find.

Here are typical call length buffers:

-          Connected call

o   Even here a 5 second buffer is recommended to allow for call routing

o   These calls have low payouts and lots of wrong numbers and butt dials

-          :15 second buffer

o   These calls also command lower payouts, but there is enough time to filter most wrong numbers.

-          :30 second buffer

o   This is the most common filter and Pay Per Call duration definition.

o   The marketer has enough time to filter and ask 1-2 qualifying questions.

-          :60 second buffer

o   This buffer allows the marketer to ask up to 3 qualifying questions and should be sufficient for most offers.

o   The media outlets expect higher payouts and gravitate to these offers.

-          :120 second buffer

o   These offers must have high payout to be profitable for the media outlets. We have recently dropped san offer with this call durations and a low payout. Not enough conversions.

Remember, the TV & Radio Media Outlets are your partners. They give you free airtime on “spec” and send you live calls.
Thanks to all of my readers. I love the Direct Response TV and Radio business and enjoy sharing my 22 years of experience in Direct Marketing, DRTV and DR Radio with you.

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