Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pay Per Call Advertising Best Practices 2015 Part 2

Pay Per Call TV and Radio Advertising drives the highest quality exclusive leads for various verticals and we see growing demand for these calls. I want to thank all of my followers and subscribers because over the years I have always given straight talk and great information in all of my blogs. Of course, we are always interested in new business, but I love to share my knowledge based on 23 years running a successful Direct Response TV, Radio & Mobile Agency

In part 2 of this ongoing  2015 "Best Practices" blog, we will discuss call buffers.

Many call centers, marketers and consumers of leads like to use call buffers so that they have time to qualify the caller for their specific offer. The longer the call buffer, the more opportunity the marketer has to acquire the perfect lead. But in the end, the bottom line is the cost of acquisition (CPA)

We recently had a client start taking connected calls instead of using any buffer. This is a smart client. Why? The fee or payout for a connected call is fraction of the cost of a call with a :30 second or :60 second buffer, let alone an even longer call buffer. The call center agents are free to speak with the caller and properly qualify them and treat the callers with the utmost respect. In these other scenarios, the callers are routinely "dumped" when they do not qualify (so there is o charge for the call) and that is not a good business practice. Time is money of course but if the caller was interested in the commercial they saw on TV, they may simply not be expressing themselves properly. We recommend connected calls and we see a growing trend moving in that direction.

Marketers who prefer :90 second call buffers and :120 second call buffers think they are filtering out unqualified leads. We say you can pay a little now (connected calls) or a lot more with a long buffer. The smartest marketers are using connected calls and running their call centers 24/7 as discussed in our last post.

Please feel free to comment or contact us. I am very thankful for my readers and look forward to sharing more thoughts on Pay Per Call Marketing.